Profiled, 2009
Acrylic on canvas

Provenzano’s artwork combines painting, an ancient form of communication, with social media, a new and constantly changing form of communication. In Profiled, figurative painting mixes with modern references such as barcode and text referring to one’s profile. This work shows multiple ideas stemming from this man’s head. Some ideas, such as the text referring to “profile” and “settings,” are concrete references to social media. The stray black lines or the patches of color reflect parts of the mind that are less focused, and based in emotion. This contrast captures Provenzano’s goal of combining old and new in his works.

Provenzano works mainly in Boston, close to where he was born. After receiving his Master’s degree in fine arts from Boston University in 1990, Provenzano studied under sculptor John Wilson, who he attributes as having changed his life and gave him direction in his artwork. He also draws inspiration from musicians such as John Coltrane, who, like Provenzano, work to translate the feelings and experiences of the artist into a physical and representable form.

Acclaimed Dorchester Artist John Provenzano Gets Painting Selected For A Curatorial Spotlight At Danforth Art Museum/School in Framingham MA

Boston’s own John Provenzano ( Provenzano’s art integrates a mix of images, symbols, patterns and text into highly energetic and powerful paintings. Provenzano paints richly colored canvases and finds inspiration in music. His paintings are in numerous collections and can be seen in galleries along the East Coast. Provenzano’s work has appeared on Channel 7 and Fox 25 News when Julianna and Manny Ramirez were featured. Interior designers, including noted designer, Dennis Duffy, have either used Provenzano’s paintings or commissioned work for their clients. In 2005, he was included in the “Director’s Pick” exhibition at the Judi Rotenberg Gallery in Boston. Recently, he has exhibited his work at the "Art Hole" in South Boston, MA. Provenzano’s work can also be seen in the movie Mermaids.

Danforth Art Museum/School exhibited Provenzano’s painting titled, “Profiled” in the “Community Of Artists” exhibit that was on view this summer. The painting is from Provenzano’s series, featuring a series of paintings layered with images containing references to the government, war, race, religion and the text and symbols of daily life, such as Twitter and Facebook messages, caution tape, bar codes and even song lyrics.








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